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Customer portal

The TresCom Technology always endeavours to offer it´s customers the best possible service. Because of this we have conceived a customer portal, which we offer you, at no cost.

The portal offers you the possibility, over a secure internet connection, with (confidential using 128 bit SSL encoding), to view your orders with their respectively processing status, online and to download the necessary order documents, such as order confirmations, cost estimates, search reports, quality testimonials, delivery notes, invoices.

It is made secure through a well thought-out procedure, whereby only registered users can see the information to which they are entitled to see. This procedure reliably controls who may have access to any piece of information.

We are convinced that we are able to offer you, with this portal, a meaningful method of working, which can convay the relevant timely information about your orders to you and the work processed at Trescom Technology for you, in a transparent manner.

If you would liked to use our service, please send us a written communication with the names of your employees, who will use the system.

When you have technical or organisational questions please contact us.

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